Giving Hope to Children in Foster Care.

You make the difference.
We show the way.

I’m interested in adopting or fostering

I currently foster/adopt

My church wants to help support families

My company wants to help support families

I want to become a Wrap-Around family

I want to help, but don’t know where to start

Together we can be the light!

In East Texas there are over 1,200 children in foster care and over half are being sent outside of East Texas. 

Foster. Adopt. Support. Advocate.

The foster care system is complex. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

If the foster care system is a maze, consider us the guide.

We help you find your path, show you the way, and equip you with the resources you’ll need to make a difference.

Creating healthy, thriving, Christ-centered foster families is all about getting what you need without the confusion and without wasting your time. Whether you desire to adopt, foster, or support, The Fostering Collective has the resources, guidance, and answers you need to change the lives of children from hard places.

Who We Are

The Fostering Collective was started with one goal in mind: helping you change the lives of children in need. Our staff and board, foster and adoptive families ourselves, struggled with the complexity of the system when trying to get started. We faced some of the same questions you do:

Interested In Becoming

The Fostering Collective is built upon the promise that we will help interested parents find the guidance and resources to start their journey and thrive along the way. Learn More

Actively Involved

If you’re actively fostering or you’ve adopted, your success is what matters most! Join The Fostering Collective’s network of resources and aid to ensure you thrive as a healthy, Christian family. Learn More.


The church has been called to care for orphans just as God always has and will. Your church could be the connection between a child and their future family. Learn More.

“Because I rescued the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to assist them.” – Job 29:12

If you have any need as a foster family, wrap-around family, aiding organization, you’ll find everything you need with The Fostering Collective.

The Collective So Far

Churches, businesses, organizations, etc…

We partner with 40+ agencies, churches, and organizations that give you the resources you need to thrive.


“Healthy, thriving, godly families ready and willing to step into the foster care system are essential. Can we get more of them, please? The work is abundant but the workers are too few. The Fostering Collective is devoted to building a community of these families to step in and fill the gap.”

Chris Legg | Adoptive Father | Pastor of South Spring Baptist Church

“The Fostering Collective has been an invaluable resource for our foster and adoptive families! Partnering with this supportive network in our communities gives us the ability to create positive outcomes for the families and children that we serve. They are a beautiful example of how the Church can make a difference in the life of a child in foster care.”

Lori Sutton-White | DFPS

“When I first attended an event with The Fostering Collective, I thought it was just another great outreach for foster and adoptive families, but had no expectation of any long-term care. However, The Fostering Collective has provided much more than the occasional free meal and a much-needed moment of rest for parents. They have cultivated a community of people who understand the unique struggles and victories our family experiences. And, because of their mission to care for and support the whole family, my wife and I have found a greater capacity and energy to love the children we’re called to bring into our home. The Fostering Collective has shown us that we’re not doing this alone and it makes all the difference.”

Kenny Lange | Foster Dad | New Covenant Church